Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Living Space Update

Sometimes when I go to acupuncture while I'm laying there letting the needles work I try to focus on something I want to make happen. It can be long term and sort of intangible, like a change I want to feel like I'm making or it can be short term and tangible like finding a couch I like. So a few weeks back right after I quit my job, knowing I'd be spending a lot more time in my house, I spent a good part of my acupuncture session believing in finding a couch I liked at a price that was affordable and with delivery service. That afternoon I went to good old St. Vincent's and paid less than $100 (including delivery!) for a great vintage couch I could live with.

And with the previous addition of the two cane sided chairs (found when still hunting for a couch) and (obvious) the blue walls and neutral furniture, the space kind of reminds me a little of these:

I have to admit. While it looks absolutely lovely to me I don't know that I feel that the whole thing is entirely "me". I've always been a bit more colorful and cluttered. A neighbor once described my house as "whimsical" which, at the time, I found a little strange because I just thought of it as normal and a little sloppily put together in some areas. I kind of liked the idea that it was whimsical, though. So now that's just the thing. My living room grew up a bit and I think it's a little less fun. I'm sure to fun it up again at some point but for now it's very sedate and relaxing.

Now if only I had a little more empty space and the luxury of angling the furniture and sprinkling it around the center of the room the way I did when I had less and it was smaller. Or I could do like that second of the two photos in the middle and have only enough furniture for myself and my cats.

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