Thursday, March 31, 2011

This week I have been alternating between days of super productivity and high spirits and days when I can barely drag myself from bed and feel like my brain is warped, melting or made of cotton candy. It's been bizarre to say the least but happily today is one of the former. It also is day two of a little spring heat wave, come in these parts, and I get to wear a dress I have only worn a few times before. I also happily realized how cute it would look with this belt I have with birds flying around and resting on telephone wires. Seeing as it's already 84 degrees at ten til noon, this is likely the only thing about the weather I'll be enjoying very much. Let's hope it gets back down to something easier to deal with (say, daily high of 84) soon and doesn't fry my plants who are still believing it's winter.

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