Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm finding that my overall goal for the future is more balance. When I was working the days were so long, the commute so long and the work so involved that I always seemed to be thinking about it even when I thought I wasn't. Vacations seemed to fly by and I always felt I'd wasted half of it indulgently lazing around.
These days I still have work to do and I actually try to manage it much the same way I'd manage a real job. I makes schedules and lists and prioritize. There are deadlines, and I even am still using the rule of work before play. But there's more time than you might imagine. No matter how many jobs I apply for in one day, add a few follow up calls from previous applications, take care of some housework, bills, exercise and play with the dogs -that might sound like fun but it's necessary so it qualifies as a "chore", but ultimately I feel kind of out of balance still.
I suppose this means I've caught up on my rest, which is already evident by how easily I can stay up 'til the wee hours and still roll out of bed just after the crack of dawn. Seems I've exchanged the imbalance to: too much rest and not enough work. I seriously may take up running just because at least I might manage to feel exhausted one day. There's something about being seriously worn out that is sometimes really pleasant.

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