Thursday, March 10, 2011

Interesting. I was just reading an article on Flavorpill (based on another article I haven't gotten to yet) about 10 sitcoms that will be funny for generations to come. One that is sited is Curb Your Enthusiasm described as "the recurring theme - that if we just did whatever we wanted instead of conforming to accepted etiquette, life would be chaos - is timeless." For whatever reason this sentiment somehow struck me as very rigid. Like........ I'm not sure how to describe it, sort of like makes me want to scream "Conspiracy theory!!!!" or something. I mean, on the one hand, certainly we're all conscious of being part of a huge community or society made up of smaller ones, etc. And then I get torn. Because really, life is incredibly chaotic. Many people just do whatever they want. In fact, we've been told that we should do everything we want if we want to be happy and successful.  In whose world are things so orderly that people don't do or say things that surprise us? The government, the highest people working and living by these rules. What is their way of resolving issues? I declare chaos on you. In many ways war is intended, I suppose, to be a very complex order (think of it as the two angry neighbors stalking across their respective front lawns, fists clenched but in this case it's really a gang, gathering up all the men in the one country to go next door and kick this other countries ass) but in reality it is utter chaos of the most horrifying kind. Which brings me to the horrible thought: when President's and Prime Minister's and King's and Dictator's and whoever else has a stake in it, are hearing reporting on the news about the number of soldiers that have been lost, are they seeing it as a scoreboard or are they seeing it as a human tragedy like the rest of us? Do they become like hardened criminals only seeing that the more men they lose the less powerful they'll be?

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