Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ok, even thought I know I was obsessive about Neptune moving out of Aquarius last spring. And even though I know that I wrote here that I wasn't even really sure of what the difference was, just a little while after it happened. It will be happening again once and for all the day after my upcoming birthday. Yay! And I will obsess and celebrate and be unimpressed all over again because I do know that these last months of the last bit of it's stay in Aquarius I have noticed it often. The count down's on.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I've been having this weird pain between my shoulder blades for a couple weeks now, at least. It started out as this dull shooting/spreading pain that would happen sometimes for no apparent reason. Then it started feeling like stored up stress pain. Now it feels like a constant tightness pain that I can't stretch out. It honestly makes no sense at all.
Until now.
It just occurred to me to wonder if there was some kind of particular pressure point there, something like that. For whatever reason I felt inspired to google chakra's and guess what I found:

"Shoulder Blade Chakra: As described in Taoism, the Gai Pe center is located between the fifth and sixth thoracic vertebrae, between the shoulder-blades and opposite the heart chakra. This is a region of hot (yang) energy pertaining to the will. This centre also works with the heart chakra in the front of the body to activate happiness, peace, love and joy [Chia, p.210]."
"Blocked: You lack will-power and motivation; you have a fear of life and cannot put your heart into actions [Paulson, p.70]. You feel burdened, hopeless, and full of melancholy [Chia, p.211], and sometimes even lack the will to live [Paulson, p.70]."

Holy crap if that doesn't (more or less) describe my mood lately.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm Confused....

Sad face. Of all the confirmation pop up windows to ignore, sigh. I didn't notice that when I deleted the album of my blogger images from Google+ (why were they even there?!) it deleted them from here too and it's irreversible. Ugh. Starting from scratch -imagery wise.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last nights dream was odd and interesting but not in the way that anyone else might think so -no horses with floppy steering wheels growing out of their backs. Either way, I can't resist writing a little about it because one of the things that stood out in the dream was a little monkey emerging from the cushions of the couch I was sitting on. As I already said, everything surrounding this happening isn't particularly fascinating but as it is only one of two things in the dream that really stood out and that I remembered just now at the other end of the day I thought I'd look it up.
Overall monkey's have really amazing symbolism and a hell of a lot of it -four full pages in my dictionary. And if it all isn't enough, at the very end of of the entry it says:
"Dreams of monkeys are primeval calls towards development of the personality along lines which are at one and the same time varied yet strictly bound up with nature."

Saturday, December 10, 2011

By the way, in last nights dream I rode a bicycle instead of driving a car. This is awesome as, from what I understand, driving a car is about how much control, or lack of, you feel you have over your life whereas riding a bicycle is about balance and forward motion created solely by the rider.

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” –Yoda

I think this is exactly how I've been feeling lately.
It seems that these days the popular thing to tell people when they're in times of extreme change (or times when they want extreme change but nothing seems to be changing) is to envision the future they want. I've been (trying) to do this for what now feels like a hundred years. And the problem is what Yoda says above. To one day think of what you'd like to see in the next days -unaware of all the surprises of real life and how they will change what it is you want to see.... How can you ever be sure what you'll want by the time you get there? I'm constantly torn between how to get to what I want and being happy with what I have. As soon as I start to focus on one I lose the other. Once I lose the other, I generally lose them both and slip into a vague spiral. One of these days I'll come back into focus and start over again. Maybe one of those sudden random but profound changes will come up so that I can start from the top again.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I've been on a homemade skin care bender for a while now. First I was experimenting with different oils: jojoba for cleansing and balancing oil production, coconut for moisture, then on to almond and avocado for either or both. I tried a bunch of different essential oils, too, all with various qualities for various issues. Some seemed to work, others likely would have worked better if I'd bother to keep up with refilling those tiny bottles.
These days I've been all about honey. Honey for cleansing (after removing my make up with oil), honey for a mask, honey with brown sugar for a scrub. I've worked with variations including nutmeg, milk and ground up oatmeal but I finally got really adventurous and cooked up a mask.
Steamed carrots pureed, avocado pureed, ground oatmeal, milk and honey. I used it one night last week fresh and the next morning my skin looked amazing. Seriously. I put the rest of it in a jar in the fridge and am using it again tonight for the second time. I'm hoping that the less-fresh-ness isn't going to be an issue results wise but let me tell you, it doesn't smell quite the same. It didn't smell great the first time -kind of like baby food- and it certainly isn't rotten smelling but it doesn't smell great....