Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I've been having this weird pain between my shoulder blades for a couple weeks now, at least. It started out as this dull shooting/spreading pain that would happen sometimes for no apparent reason. Then it started feeling like stored up stress pain. Now it feels like a constant tightness pain that I can't stretch out. It honestly makes no sense at all.
Until now.
It just occurred to me to wonder if there was some kind of particular pressure point there, something like that. For whatever reason I felt inspired to google chakra's and guess what I found:

"Shoulder Blade Chakra: As described in Taoism, the Gai Pe center is located between the fifth and sixth thoracic vertebrae, between the shoulder-blades and opposite the heart chakra. This is a region of hot (yang) energy pertaining to the will. This centre also works with the heart chakra in the front of the body to activate happiness, peace, love and joy [Chia, p.210]."
"Blocked: You lack will-power and motivation; you have a fear of life and cannot put your heart into actions [Paulson, p.70]. You feel burdened, hopeless, and full of melancholy [Chia, p.211], and sometimes even lack the will to live [Paulson, p.70]."

Holy crap if that doesn't (more or less) describe my mood lately.

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