Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last nights dream was odd and interesting but not in the way that anyone else might think so -no horses with floppy steering wheels growing out of their backs. Either way, I can't resist writing a little about it because one of the things that stood out in the dream was a little monkey emerging from the cushions of the couch I was sitting on. As I already said, everything surrounding this happening isn't particularly fascinating but as it is only one of two things in the dream that really stood out and that I remembered just now at the other end of the day I thought I'd look it up.
Overall monkey's have really amazing symbolism and a hell of a lot of it -four full pages in my dictionary. And if it all isn't enough, at the very end of of the entry it says:
"Dreams of monkeys are primeval calls towards development of the personality along lines which are at one and the same time varied yet strictly bound up with nature."

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