Monday, December 5, 2011

I've been on a homemade skin care bender for a while now. First I was experimenting with different oils: jojoba for cleansing and balancing oil production, coconut for moisture, then on to almond and avocado for either or both. I tried a bunch of different essential oils, too, all with various qualities for various issues. Some seemed to work, others likely would have worked better if I'd bother to keep up with refilling those tiny bottles.
These days I've been all about honey. Honey for cleansing (after removing my make up with oil), honey for a mask, honey with brown sugar for a scrub. I've worked with variations including nutmeg, milk and ground up oatmeal but I finally got really adventurous and cooked up a mask.
Steamed carrots pureed, avocado pureed, ground oatmeal, milk and honey. I used it one night last week fresh and the next morning my skin looked amazing. Seriously. I put the rest of it in a jar in the fridge and am using it again tonight for the second time. I'm hoping that the less-fresh-ness isn't going to be an issue results wise but let me tell you, it doesn't smell quite the same. It didn't smell great the first time -kind of like baby food- and it certainly isn't rotten smelling but it doesn't smell great....

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