Saturday, December 10, 2011

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” –Yoda

I think this is exactly how I've been feeling lately.
It seems that these days the popular thing to tell people when they're in times of extreme change (or times when they want extreme change but nothing seems to be changing) is to envision the future they want. I've been (trying) to do this for what now feels like a hundred years. And the problem is what Yoda says above. To one day think of what you'd like to see in the next days -unaware of all the surprises of real life and how they will change what it is you want to see.... How can you ever be sure what you'll want by the time you get there? I'm constantly torn between how to get to what I want and being happy with what I have. As soon as I start to focus on one I lose the other. Once I lose the other, I generally lose them both and slip into a vague spiral. One of these days I'll come back into focus and start over again. Maybe one of those sudden random but profound changes will come up so that I can start from the top again.

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