Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is the best description of how I live that I've ever heard:

"Beneath the formal or official exterior of people or circumstances you are working to penetrate is the softness, depth and vulnerability you crave from human contact. You'd do well to ignore appearances, and let your mind rest in an inner reality, an interior of life, that keys bits of evidence are likely to have revealed is truly living there behind the scenes. The outer garb that certain individuals are adept at projecting may be convincing, but if you sense with your feeling, and stay aware of the expressions in people's eyes as they speak, you will get a different story entirely. And it seems likely that, though much of what is exchanged will be on the intuitive level, words and touch will find their perfect place and time." -Eric Francis

and it reminds me of the story of the Emperor's New Clothes.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow. Another day, another teacher and even more insane information on haircolor spilling in my brain. One of my favorite things about my school is the variety of teachers and the variety and abundance of information they're sharing with us. My new project/assignment is to create a color swatch book using swatches of hair and whatever assortment of colors and techniques I choose. Thank god I saved that bag of my own hair from the serious haircut I got about ten years ago. All this time it's been sitting in a drawer with no real use -who knew it would be so valuable to me one day?!

I've got a sort of split personality when it comes to color. Part of me loves really bright, unnatural colors (when done well and with a little variation). I am currently obsessed with baby pink hair and may have to someday satisfy my urge to have it on my own head. The other side of me is obsessed with colors that could be considered natural but are flawless and rich. Either way, I know I'll be working at this for the rest of my career....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Received the most inspiring, impromptu talk from a teacher at school today. All about what it is to be a hairstylist. He told us that when he first started he was terrible at it. Totally sucked. But he knew he just didn't have any other choice than to make it work. "I was a rocker who didn't play any instrument very well and my stripper girlfriend wasn't going to support me anymore," he half (?) joked with the balls and sense of humor of someone who's been through the hell of totally transforming their life. He told us the overview of the story of starting as a complete no one and learning and building and becoming someone who has truly succeeded and loves his life and profession and is well regarded. I am hoping that having already sort of processed that progression once I will move through this with just a tiny bit more ease and some faith in getting where I aim to be.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm not even going to go into the actual planets because I haven't paid enough attention to EXACTLY what the situation is of late but I love that I seem still to be dead on or a bit ahead of the astro weather. We're doing a snake thing right now (and yes, I was ahead and dead on even in posting my snake photo for the full moon) meaning serious transformation and healing. (Which means I also get to post another of these gorgeous snake photos.) What I didn't know was that all of this is the process needed in preparation for the final eclipse on July 1st -radical transformation and rebirth. Ugh. I feel that it's going to be quite a couple weeks coming on. Is it never ending? Was I such a mess? I feel like I have already been a hundred people in just the last five years. But at least there is the surprise to look forward to, who will I be next? Personally, despite the absolute hell I have to process to get there, the unveiling is always miraculously magical and beautiful -whoever I get to become next. And always seems, in the becoming moment, effortless.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I once had a grasshopper for a pet. One of my cats had caught him and when I found him he was missing one of his big jumper legs and I felt bad and put him in a little terrarium with some leaves, thinking he might pass in a day or so but at least he wouldn't been tortured to death by the cat. I had that grasshopper for about nine months and when he died it felt almost as bad as when a pet you've had for years dies. I never realized quite how odd it was until a friend of mine was telling someone else in my presence. One of those, "My favorite story about her" stories. And that she said that I had never thought of (what made it her favorite story about me) was that grasshoppers probably aren't supposed to live for nine months. It had never occurred to me but apparently this is what she found so charming all along, not that I'd kept it but that I'd kept it alive. In the tradition of the grasshopper, take a look at my new house guests.

Found these guys out in my garden today munching on spinach and carrot tops and working their way toward the peas. I found a bitty one yesterday and moved him off to some morning glory's but when I came across these three more today (and another teensy guy after this who got away from me -but not back into the garden, at least) I decided to rehome them properly. 

 So here they are in their new ex-pickle jar turned caterpillar terrarium. I've donated some carrot tops and already ruined spinach leaf but also tossed in some carrot seeds that will grow and provide them some further munching. I'm hoping we can make it all the way through the chrysalis phase and I can release them as butterflies. They're very pretty: velvety black with bright green stripes, and I'm curious to see what they'll become. I'm also thinking that this pickle jar is like a studio apartment and may need to spend some time on craigslist looking for a better (real) terrarium with enough space to grow enough food to truly support them and give them a great life.
As you can see they seem to have adapted pretty quickly to their new, more domestic, lifestyle.

They're devouring those leaves pretty quickly and ironically I think I may have to pick up some spinach from the store to keep them fed. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I was just out in the garden taking some photos for an update, the peas are beginning to flower and there are a couple of pea pods on their vines. First sign of actual food from the plants I started as seeds! I'm so excited. Anyway, while I was out there I rehomed a cute little caterpillar and found a completely intact rose thorn that must have flown off when I was weed whacking and trimming back the rose bush yesterday and I also found aphids on my blueberry plant. I hate those little bugs! They've ruined bunches of flowers on my wax plant each summer for years and I'm not going to let them get into my garden. As I'm being very careful to keep it natural and organic and healthy to eat I wasn't sure I should use the usual liquid soap diluted in water (plus, there have been times it didn't seem to work) so I did a little research and learned that there are a number of other home remedies for aphid attacks like pureed garlic or hot peppers in water (strained ofcourse) sprayed on the plants and also a dilute of mineral or vegetable oil in water -even a combination of some or all of those. I might just try concocting something more complicated later but as I like to take immediate action I went ahead and doused them with some diluted Dr. Bronner's citrus oil soap and am hoping that's all it takes. I was pretty sure that was an acceptable choice, but ofcourse I wanted to confirm it before using it and am now excited to have found out that Dr. Bronner's also makes a rose oil soap -that would be amaaaazing for cleaning the house. Can you imagine?
Anyway, back to my original intent, here are some photos from the garden today of the curly pea tendrils, my tiny asparagus which I only just found this morning and other little bits. I think so far I'm most impressed by how quickly the cucumber plants are growing!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I seem always to be a step ahead of my astrologers lately. As I write this I realize what a good thing that is, meaning that I'm following my instincts and on my right path. But anyway, considering this and power of eclipses I'm feeling the need to prepare for this one ahead of time (full Moon eclipse this Wednesday) and thinking that I may even need to do this every day until and for a few days following, so here is the first...