Sunday, June 12, 2011

I haven't seen much of the sun this week and am thinking of investing in one of those special lamps that simulates sunlight. I can only handle one winter a year and I barely make it through that one. I was born on the ancient holiday on which people welcomed the return of light at the last quarter of winter and I think it gave me an inherent craving for sunshine. I find these hazy blank skies completely unproductive as they don't even give us rain.
As we're also in the middle of a series of three eclipses (the first on June 1st, the next one this Wednesday on the 15th, the last on July 1st) I know this is bringing some of the chaos, too, as it is always about transformation. I'm trying to roll with it but am not feeling myself: eclipses kicking off my return to school? Add to that a week of chilly, hazy days when it's already June. It's crazy making! When I visited my acupuncturist yesterday we were talking about caffeine. She said, "You and I have a constitution like paper -very delicate. Imagine a paper in a wind storm, this is what caffeine does to us." Today I am imagining what this weather does to paper. Makes it slightly damp and limp, crumples it slightly and makes it stick to surfaces a little.
I am wishing today for deep blue skies and fluffy white clouds (even fluffy gray clouds, so long as it's not this blanket of oatmeal) 77-ish degrees and a nice gust of wind. Wouldn't that be lovely?
As a pick me up I did the last of the heavy garden bed work today -hauling 5, 3 cubic foot bags of soil home and down to the yard. I filled the second bed and planted my sprouting chamomile and the mint and sage I bought last week and watered it down. It's looking like the beginnings of a real garden down there and the only thing left for me to do is sow the rest of my herb seeds and wait for it all to grow.

Yesterday I saw Tree of Life (eh, maybe if there hadn't been any dialogue whatsoever) and was in love with the family garden in the movie all the way down to the scalloped wire fence. It's on my dream house list right under writers' shack, sunroom and fireplace.

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