Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A friend of mine used to have a T-shirt with the word 'Babe' written across the boobs in script. It was found at a thrift store and given to her by another friend of ours who said simply, "Only Teresa can wear a shirt like that and get away with it." Dead right. Teresa had an adorable little doll like-ness to her that made her so non-threatening in every way that it didn't seem the least bit obnoxious for her to wear the word like a sign. It was so cute it was almost funny. At the time the statement made me picture it in my head, worn by the friend who had gifted it. And with that image in mind the word 'sassy' immediately occurred to me as befitting the mental image of the other friend wearing the shirt. Unfortunately, I was totally incapable of deciding on a descriptive of the energy of my wearing the shirt as the attempt slammed me right in the middle of my lightest and darkest sides -torn as to whether either could possibly be true.
I've always had a thing about the word 'dame' (pronounced in the way that calls to mind 1940's mystery movies rather than aristocrats). I imagined having a T-shirt that had 'Dame' written across it and felt that it allowed for my dark side where 'Babe' did not. As all of this passed through my head a minute ago I tried to search up some actresses who played dames in old movies and came across this most perfect photo EVER.

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