Friday, May 27, 2011

Today I marched (ok, sauntered maybe) into the paint store, picked out a purple and bought it. Finally, as I was slapping it onto the wall, I didn't get that horrific sick feeling. I must say I'm surprised at how difficult it's been for me to commit to a color for the bedroom, maybe it's the change on top of all the other changes and during all this changing. Either way I am finally happy. I chose a grapey red-purple so that it would feel warm and wombish -as it is the room of inversion and gestation (and, ahem, passion), it's deep and also vibrant without being electrifying. I think that may have been the trouble all along with the blues, they were just too cool or too serious. I'm also happy about all the colors that can go with it and am even thinking about painting gold a small chest of drawers I have, a la that photo a few posts down that has the electric purple wall and the gold sofa. Ofcourse what I've really come to realize is that I don't like the process. I would rather be outside on a gorgeous day like today was (not that I spent the whoooole day painting because, as I'm explaining, I simply can't bear it) and I don't like the chaos of furniture all out of place and the "in progress" look. I really should have done this when it was raining except then all the nasty fumes (another thing I don't like) would have been trapped inside forever. Which brings me to: no, I don't have photos yet because it's not finished. Soon...

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