Sunday, May 15, 2011

Language Through the Looking Glass

I've just come across the most entertaining thing (recommended by Bust magazines new 'blog of the week'). It's a blog for Swedish Elle by Elsa Billgren (pictured above), but that's not exactly what I mean -yes, the blog is great but just wait. It's entirely in Swedish except at the bottom of each entry is a little summary of what the entry is about in English. One of them happened to say 'click the flag to translate to English'. Oh, brilliant! The first one I read in English was a recipe for a fruit and nut smoothie -never would have thought to put nuts in a smoothie, that's pretty brilliant too! The next one I translated is about Elsa and her husbands first anniversary. The translation is so off that while you can follow the basic idea of what she's saying it becomes, in English, a little nonsensical. And adorable. Here's the translation for the post about the anniversary, I love how she refers to him as 'the wolf':

Today celebrates the wolf and I am a whole year to married! He may be the finest thing that walks on two legs, has a long nose and warm belly, the world's biggest laughs and serious eyebrows. Today we're going out to the country and I thought I'd dip my toes in the water and sleeping on a lawn blanket. Then we'll get a key there and play with adult country home and planted rose bushes in the alley.
For dot A year ago we got married, and it rained on the town hall and we got on other people's rose petals and rice grains. It took five minutes and does nothing but so much anyway. Now it's May again and each time the rain I think of us. How do we drink champagne on the floor and is exciting, to go away, how we knökar us into the taxi with umbrellas and dress shoes. Then we said yes and that was clear and now we have anything left. A thousand dinners at crane and a thousand fall asleep in your arms. Too many arguments, and make it up, throw in the doors and repent. Lots of running races on the bus and quiet Djurgården ferry rides with views and wind.Then he keeps on me and it flies off his hat.
When he put wax in my hair and I get to comb the pile, I know it's true. We went on gut instinct, and now we celebrate the lawn blanket with Donald Duck and earthy fingers, and we hear something in the wind I know it is you who send kisses. <3

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