Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Scorpio full moon was accompanied by a weird little storm here in Los Angeles, beginning early in the morning and consisting mostly of tree whipping wind with just the lightest spray of rain by the time I got up. Along with that I got a fitful night of sleep due in part, I fear, to my new bed feeling a bit too firm for me -not to worry, a feather bed is en route to plush it up. Also I'm still adjusting to the sensation of being about a foot higher than in the old one. And also due, in larger part I suspect, to the bizarre dreams.
This morning I feel average/normal but my brain is also reminding me yet again how entirely different my life has become in the last few months and that there is yet another revolution on it's way into my life. (It's something I "know" but I'm not telling until it begins.) A year ago I would never have thought that I'd have this chance to start something entirely new and now I'm feeling like I just got out of high school. Finally released from the seemingly endless stronghold of school, starting out in the world to do just what I want. It is sometimes unbelievable to me that I finally left my old job and am now going into something entirely different. And at the same time I've already made so many adjustments to these changes that it all seems like the most natural thing in the world.
Update on the blue room: I think part of my issue with it yesterday was feeling a little nauseous from the combination of paint fumes and the fact that I didn't eat a very good lunch so was feeling a bit wonky anyway. Also, I knew that it needed time to dry completely to achieve its true shade and also needs a second coat because the old drab green is still showing through in places and I'm sure that's screwing up the color. This morning it already looks better and even though it's cold out (which makes me not want windows open for airing out) I'm going to keep working on it today because I can't stand to have it sitting there half done. All this painting is getting combined into a massive bedroom clean out/up, as well, and I aim to have an entirely transformed bedroom by the end of the week. Hopefully by then it will have warmed up outside, as well, and I can finish up the garden.

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