Friday, May 20, 2011

Maybe a year and a half ago a friend took me to a psychic. Believe it or not I'd never been to one before. It's a little hard to have faith in someone who claims that they need no tool but their self. It could just as well be you or me claiming to see the future, couldn't it? Anyway, she told me only good things and so my decision was to suspend judgement in regard to whether or not she knew what she was talking about and just believe in all of those good things happening to me. Everybody wins. And she may well have been right, some of those things have actually happened. I did leave my job, which she predicted, and I didn't really believe that I would back then and she told me that was definitely going to happen. In fact, that was one of the few things I tried to translate into some other possible event because I simply couldn't see it happening. Anyway, I think where she lost me a little (as far as taking every word she said literally) was when she prescribed for me the bottled Vitamin Water drinks -particularly blueberry, I believe she said. And told me they had a deal on them at Costco or some such place. Right then I took a little step back inside me. I just remembered this for some reason and thought, it's like prescribing someone cookies, "Especially chocolate chip, that's the best one for you."

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