Monday, May 16, 2011

Update on the Transforming Blue Bedroom

I'm painting away and alternating between thinking it's too light and bright and thinking that it's perfect. In some ways both may be true considering the source of the inspiration for the color. I think the key is to get more art up on the walls so that it's not such a huge expanse of color -a problem I have had with this room for a long time. Here are some preview photos with one wall done (alright, it needs another coat but it's "done" enough to see the color). I'm thinking this was a subconscious Scorpio full moon urge honoring the transformative and water properties of the sign. Sun in Taurus has me focusing on home-making.

This first one here is what the color looks like with only the lamp and the north facing windows dusk light. You can see a patch of the old color on the adjoining wall there, I swear when I painted it looked like a bluish olive green, sort of a 40's or 50's era shade but over time it's looked drabber and drabber and  as I was painting today it looked downright gray next to the new vibrant blue.

This photo here is a bit over exposed but I couldn't resist having Juno in it. Not her cute-est pose but always adorable. 
Ultimately it's a pretty shade and I'll get more and more used to it but it's giving me a bit of shock right now and I've wondered if I should have gotten a shade darker even. Future goals for the bedroom are a new spread in either peach, gold or dark fuschia -again: can't decide and have a million vintage finds favorited on etsy that are waiting for me to cave in and purchase. Also, as mentioned before: huge bare walls desperately in need of more art. It's a work in progress.

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