Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am back to having crazy dreams and last nights was exceptional. I don't think I'll be able to describe it in a way that truly relates the bizarre spectacularity of it but I'm going to try to at least give a few parts of it in detail. First of all, a man who in the dream was supposed to be the father of someone who, again: in the dream, was a friend of mine. For most of the dream I regarded him as a man, though I did notice and find a little peculiar (for an average straight man) that he was wearing eye shadow very obviously, although for some reason it really barely registered. But then a little later I saw him from a distance and thought he was a woman. I remember this whole part as I first thought he was a woman and then realized, no, that's her dad... He was wearing totally ambiguous jeans and shirt, plain wire frame glasses, the eye make-up ofcourse and then a pair of suede platform flip flip style sandals that really seemed a little more suited to a woman but were, again, kind of ambiguous. (And he was wearing socks, by the way.) It seemed he was there, as well as a few other people, to see my garden (I think he may have helped me with it) which was gorgeous and had many plants that absolutely do not exist in nature. Next we're joined by a few gay guys (one was actually someone I used to work with) and suddenly it seemed I was hosting some kind of party slash weird custom truck rally. All of the trucks arriving were completely unusual: the one I remember distinctly was covered in tweed rather than, oh I dunno -paint? All had been designed by the gay men who owned them and each one was intended to pull into a particular spot for judging or something as they arrived. It was freaking weird! I'm really curious what it means to dream about a transgender (as I believe that would accurately describe the father of the friend), not to mention the rest. The only thing I could find was about dreaming of a garden which ofcourse generally represents paradise. Here's a little more on the symbolism of the garden in dreams, "...gardens are often regarded as agreeable expressions of pure desire free from all anxiety. They are places 'of growth and for the cultivation of vital internal phenomena.' " Sounds great to me and gave me some new ideas for adding large containers around the yard to grow flowers and decorative plants raised about two to three feet off the ground for variation and to keep the dogs out of them.

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