Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mermaid Treasure -Yet Another Update

I am freshly again on the fence about whether this blue is going to stay.... I am putting the second coat on the first wall and promising my self I won't go any further until it has dried completely and I've lived with it for a few days. Cannot decide: Mermaid Treasure, beautiful vibrant oceanic blue or neon that will burn your eyes out?
*    *    *
Here is the wall with two coats. It hasn't nearly dried yet so I know it's still not showing it's true shade. I couldn't resist putting up my old parasol turned lamp that I just rediscovered while cleaning out the closet, seeing it up made me feel both better and worse as I love that thing but it just makes it more obvious to me that this is not the right blue (...yet? fingers crossed!)

I'll give it 'til tomorrow morning and then I think I'll put my nearly full can of paint and my living room leftovers (another half full can) up on craigslist to try to recoup some cash toward the RIGHT color.

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