Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue, The Obsession Continues

Due to a long unfortunate story I will not relate here I had to replace my bed this weekend. As I've had it for 15 years it certainly wasn't a minute too soon but I'd been putting it off in hopes of waiting until I felt I was in a position to invest in something a little more luxurious. Overall, the new one is pretty darn good. I found a local company who manufactures mattresses reusing sanitized spring assembly's and all new stuffing and fabric at an unbeatable price, plus there was a special going on. I was able to buy a new king size mattress, box spring and metal frame for just under $300 including delivery. That's pretty much unbeatable.
Happy to finally have a new bed I though what a shame it was I didn't have a chance to paint the room before the bed was delivered as it would have been so much easier. But I still hadn't decided on a color. I think everyone is aware that I have been obsessed with blues for quite a while but as I already painted the living room blue I felt I should have some variety and have been trying to convince myself of pink or peach  for the bedroom. Perhaps due in part to some earlier unfortunate choices in shades of pink I haven't been able to decide on a shade for months and have still been obsessing about blues all the while. There's just nothing like a rich water or sky image to drive me crazy and I want to be enveloped in it, as if I were in this photo.

So I finally gave in and chose a blue called Mermaid's Treasure (or something like that) and came home and immediately painted a corner of the first wall to see how it would look. The following images are others I used for comparison to the paint chips including a couple of actual interiors using a very similar blue. 

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