Thursday, May 19, 2011

These Blues Are Making a Fool of Me

Who knew painting the bedroom would become such a production? I finally gave up on Mermaid Treasure teal and hunted out blues on Apartment Therapy. I found this image from their Room For Color contest, Newburg Green by Benjamin Moore.

I think this is the one, I thought, it's subtle and sophisticated and moody and stark and the colors in the room pop out against it. It looks like the sky late at night with a full moon or being at the bottom of the ocean. As usual I rushed home to start painting and have so far a quarter of the biggest wall done. Good things about it: either because of the quality of the paint or because of the darkness, it covers well and I don't think I'll have to do two coats which is really nice because my arm is about to fall off. But again I am slightly doubtful -not the way I was with the nausea inducing teal, but more like: this doesn't look blue or green at all. It looks charcoal gray. When I turn on the overhead light it looks downright black. So again, I'm not going any further until it dries. If it doesn't look like it does in that photo it'll be off to the store a third time, I suppose. Brother, I'll be a laughing stock at the paint department soon!
PS: Benjamin Moore has a great website that shows you really large color swatches. 
*     *     *
45 minutes later: I spent some time pulling weeds and Morning Glory in the yard, played with the dog a little and came back. Still looks like charcoal gray. Maybe even just plain black. I've posted it all on craigslist in hopes that these colors do appeal to someone and I can fund a FINAL replacement can. I'm thinking this time I'll buy a few of the sample size cans first. Here's to finally using my brain...

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