Thursday, June 23, 2011

Received the most inspiring, impromptu talk from a teacher at school today. All about what it is to be a hairstylist. He told us that when he first started he was terrible at it. Totally sucked. But he knew he just didn't have any other choice than to make it work. "I was a rocker who didn't play any instrument very well and my stripper girlfriend wasn't going to support me anymore," he half (?) joked with the balls and sense of humor of someone who's been through the hell of totally transforming their life. He told us the overview of the story of starting as a complete no one and learning and building and becoming someone who has truly succeeded and loves his life and profession and is well regarded. I am hoping that having already sort of processed that progression once I will move through this with just a tiny bit more ease and some faith in getting where I aim to be.

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