Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow. Another day, another teacher and even more insane information on haircolor spilling in my brain. One of my favorite things about my school is the variety of teachers and the variety and abundance of information they're sharing with us. My new project/assignment is to create a color swatch book using swatches of hair and whatever assortment of colors and techniques I choose. Thank god I saved that bag of my own hair from the serious haircut I got about ten years ago. All this time it's been sitting in a drawer with no real use -who knew it would be so valuable to me one day?!

I've got a sort of split personality when it comes to color. Part of me loves really bright, unnatural colors (when done well and with a little variation). I am currently obsessed with baby pink hair and may have to someday satisfy my urge to have it on my own head. The other side of me is obsessed with colors that could be considered natural but are flawless and rich. Either way, I know I'll be working at this for the rest of my career....

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