Friday, June 3, 2011

Voila! (Almost...)

I have been hating my bedroom for quite some time now and I wasn't sure why. It has one of the biggest windows in the house but I can't enjoy it completely because it's also the most private space and the window most available to neighbors passing, though just barely available to most. It also has has large, necessary furniture and takes the brunt of my lack of storage. So I decided to at least repaint and hoped the new color would make me happier. We all know a little something about that story so I'll skip it. Today I finally felt like doing a little more painting and have nearly the entire first coat on now (minus two spaces behind the largest most difficult furniture to deal with moving). I was just in there and realized how much I'm loving the new color. It truly is warmer and richer than the old green, there's energy to it even with just the lamps on -which I always prefer to the overhead light. Forgive the terribly unmade bed (I'm about to go back in there and change the sheets), I realized that I actually liked looking at the room with the messy bed better than looking at the room with the perfect bed (and everything else a mess as there are tools, light switch covers and screws, etc. cluttering up the dresser right now). Also in need of forgiveness: the blue tape visible at the edge of the floor. I also made a few other changes like moving the bed a little closer to the wall, putting the alarm clock and lamp on the other side and using a vintage suitcase on its end to hold them. And FINALLY, an art solution, at least for the moment. The print over the bed had been hanging on the opposite wall for YEARS since I bought it. While I still wonder if I really would prefer a huge print over the bed, this one looks great for now and shares similar shades of the wall paint -by happy coincidence. I'll try to be just as good and take a final photo once the second coat and trim color are on but you never know with me :)

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