Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here's a shot of my unmade bedroom (yes, I like to change my sheets twice a week) with the new plants in it. The one on the right that's kind of in a shadow right now is one of those Australian fern trees and I'm hoping it will grow to the ceiling and hang over the bed a little (but not drop tiny leaves all over it...). I am so dying to buy all that vintage kimono fabric this second and sew for three days straight (or however long it takes if I try to do it by hand before getting my sewing machine fixed, too) and see it on my bed. I even emailed the seller and asked about combined shipping (from Australia) and whether they might give me a discount for such a large purchase, no discount but she said she's throw in an extra piece -so sweet! But I can't justify it right now :( 
The upside is that it's because I need to buy expensive new haircutting shears which I've been dying to justify for my entire life I think, and now I require them! Yaaaay! It's hard to have a lot of projects at the same time (but necessary).

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