Monday, June 6, 2011

A couple weeks ago now I filled one of my new raised beds and planted my already sprouted plants and also some unsprouted seeds. Here's how it's all looking today. As you can see most of the seeds I planted have sprouted (center most space) and some are still too small to really show up in the photo. The cucumbers are doing amazing so far (on the left) and the peas are doing pretty well, too, but I feel like they're a bit pale and I'm also wondering why the bottommost leaves have burned a little. At the moment they're also looking a little floppy because they really need something to climb so I'm writing this in a hurry before dashing off to buy some stakes to make a little lattice for them. All in all it's exciting but kind of slow going. That's the thing about growing food is that it really takes a while for it to fill out. Perhaps the coming year is about developing the patience to match the projects. In the age of instant everything it's funny how we still have to do many things the same old way. I can't wait until the newest sprouts are as big as the cucumber plants are right now!

*    *    *

So I went to buy stakes for my peas to climb and ofcourse I have to look at the plants and see if there's anything special in or anything on special that I want. I ended up buying a couple of ferns for the bedroom (don't need much light), three different types of strawberry plants (because I want to know the difference), two types of mint and a pineapple sage because it smells like pineapples and is said to make a good tea -one of my aims for the herb garden is to be able to make some teas. Pineapple sage chamomile tea sounds good, doesn't it? I think so. 

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