Monday, June 6, 2011

There are few things I love more than Japanese kimono's and the printed silks they're made of. Above is a vintage girls' kimono which I'm wondering if would fit me well enough to wear as a blouse... Pictured below is not a traditional style kimono (although I have a couple of those, too) but a pretty embroidered silk robe that I forgot I had. The lining is in shreds from when I used to wear it and I tucked it away in the closet years ago with the intention of replacing the lining and wearing it again. I had forgotten all about it until my recent bedroom clean-out spree. I draped it over the ugly free standing closet and it looks gorgeous against the plum walls (I am sooo loving my bedroom now). Which gave me an idea....!

I've been on the hunt for a beautiful new bedspread (I don't like the one I have now at all) and have found quite a few but as I prefer vintage textiles many of them are not the right size for my bed. I also fear that as with my first vintage bedspread, it won't last very long. But I have this vision now of a gorgeous kimono print bed now. I'm thinking maybe a patchwork quilt using large patches to show the great patterns and maybe some pillows out of solid pieces? 
Here are some of the vintage fabric pieces I've found so far that are exactly what I envisioned.

And some new fabric that's available but doesn't have some of my favorite elements, it would still be good though for filling in whatever space I need to build the whole thing up to king size.

I'm thinking, actually, of mostly using this gorgeous koi print. But one or two of the following might also do in small amounts. Perhaps the bedspread can be made of the new fabric as it should be stronger and the vintage can be used for pillows. Anyway, this is my new obsession. Looks like I need to get my sewing machine fixed asap!

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