Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This post is entirely about two colors. I've been obsessing for quite a while over shades of aqua and teal, resulting in the long awaited repainting of my living room. And then there's purple. One of my favorite colors ever and currently haunting me in shades of fuschia. Continuing with the theme of outfits I couldn't wear to work.

This dress (made by Motel) is kind of bittersweet to me as the photo I saw of it online made it look to be entirely shades of magenta-purple only but it turns out to to be magenta/purple and this brown/green that is somewhere between a very dark ochre and a very gold olivey green. So I was a little bit disappointed when it actually arrived because I'd been imagining it with an aqua cardigan but now feel that it would make for too many colors in the outfit. Also, as I found it near the end of it's apparent shelf life, it was happily marked to clearance price but I had to order a size up because they were out of stock in my usual size. It's one of those dresses, though, that I felt was made for me and I simply had to have it. Perhaps one day I will have it altered to fit me a little better? 
All in all I still love it and will wear it until the seams give, as I do everything I love. And I suppose the contrasting colors make it a bit more interesting without my having to mess with adding contrasting colors of my own.
And below is a photo with the Junebug and the lovely chairs I found while couch hunting. Very sophisticated, no? Between the chairs, the houseplants, the rug you can't really see -brindled faux cowhide, a lovely photo of with Santos camouflaged into it is posted somewhere below- and the addition of today's outfit (sort of), I feel like there's a slight "safari" theme happening in my living room including wild animals prowling and lazing about. 

I'm currently in the midst of choosing colors for the bedroom and am thinking, strangely of going for pink. As the bedroom has only one north facing window shaded by a tree, I've been thinking it's time to lighten up the color in there too, but as always I'm torn between this lovely super pale pink...

See the beautiful contrast with the dark wood bed? But am still pretty obsessed with aqua's too, though it's already been used in the living room in a lighter shade, and I am liking this...

Or perhaps, the opposite pink of baby pink, which might be this...

Leaving little room for other colors in the room and which would likely mean getting rid of everything I already own that lives in the bedroom. So as a compromise I think I might have to do this to a small chest of drawers which is currently red.

I was surprised by how striking this piece of furniture was in pink and am hoping that mine will be, as well, and will not instead make me gag as I would have thought a shade like this might.
(And please note the green wall in the next room because I'm thinking it might be nice in the kitchen where I do have a watermelon pink formica table.) 
And finally, the inspiration for tracking down and deciding on these colors....

How beautiful would it be to get that quality of light in your wall paint? Stay tuned, I'm going to be making some pillows for the living room soon and I think I'll be looking for this fuschia or a nectarine-ish red. 

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