Friday, March 11, 2011

Someone told me once that there are book distributors that sell books by the foot. As in twelve inches worth of books. He said people purchase books that way to decorate if they don't have a personal collection but like the look. Instead of ugly ceramic animals or something. Makes me wonder if there's someone out there who would hire me to select a reading list of books that I think are good, or that sound really good to me, and to find the ones with the most beautiful and interesting bindings. So that they had a library not only of substance but of beauty. Something that if they ever felt the desire to read, they could choose something and be more or less guaranteed it would be worthwhile, and that if they never chose to read, would look beautiful in their house. I have a few books like this, books I've always wanted to read but haven't and of which I chose the absolute most beautiful editions of. I never regret them.

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