Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dark Side

I've just come to a realization. I'm a dark person. It's true. I am also ridiculously optimistic and have some crazy style sense but I love dark and slightly "tragic" images and very moody, heavy music along with some light and bubbly of both, as well. I knew this about myself all along but during some dark period of my life I tried to get all of that out of my world and my head because I thought it would keep me from becoming as happy as I could possibly be. Ofcourse now I realize that's a silly idea because I need all the things that make me happy to become the happiest I could ever be. My favorite ballet is called Cruel World but I also like b-boy dance crew style. I love CSS but also the Black Keys and CocoRosie (they're kind of both, aren't they?). And as much as I like pretty images full of color and light that look almost too good to have come from reality, I looooooove these.

These are Australian mug shots from the Justice and Police Museum. Which I first found here (larger, better resolution and many more images), and recently saw again a little article about on npr's website.

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