Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dream Spaces

I was just dreaming a little about where I'd like to live next and decided that my dream home would have behind it, at the back of the big garden yard, a little cozy greenhouse cottage hybrid. I love the idea of a greenhouse and having a lush space year round and I also like the idea of a little cottage to escape into. A hideout. Just after this I came across an article about writers shacks (wasn't even looking for it) and loved all their little spaces. George Bernard Shaw, apparently, called his "London" so that his staff could say, "He's gone to London." Which is brilliant and I think I'll name mine after a city someday, too. Here's the full article at re-nest, the one above is Michael Pollan's writing hut. And below is my little "hut" which is technically attached to the kitchen and intended for either washer and dryer or just storage, and is the under the stairs of the upstairs apartments back steps. So until I have a yard or some space at the edge of the woods, under the stairs is fine with me.

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