Saturday, March 5, 2011

I took a three and a half hour tango class today. It was amazing. We did a lot of switching roles: men and women interchangeably leading and following. It was interesting to have the perspective of the leader. You have to watch where you're going and not run your partner into other dancers or walls. You have to make your movements with very clear and assertive intention so that your partner knows what you want them to do but gently enough so as not to overwhelm and, I would add, agreeably -which is a fine area and I think comes mostly from a persons nature. This would be why we like to dance with certain partners more or less than others.
I much prefer following. It's an amazing feeling allowing someone to blindly guide you around and just focus on sensing their intentions, synching your movements with theirs and making pretty shapes with the way you move. I seem to be quite good at surrendering, but again, it takes the right leader.
At the end of the class another woman said that what she felt was most a challenge was finding the momentum to lead well. I had to agree, she expressed it spot on. And I think it's interesting considering this is something I've noticed about myself previously (and posted here): momentum can be challenging. I worked really hard on it today and besides having an amazing time dancing, interesting having a chance to practice feeling my momentum. Good practice.

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