Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Food Swap?!

Likely because it makes me feel I've accomplished something that day and as I'm currently between jobs I have to find a way, I've been baking a lot lately. It's sort of a catch 22, though, as I don't like to eat a lot of sugar but I love to bake pastries. Furthermore, it costs money. It even inspired me to apply for a bakery job which, sadly, seems to have been filled in the blink of an eye.
So today I received an email from a nearby shop announcing a food swap event. For this event you can bring  baked goods, produce from your garden, etc. I'm not even sure -it almost sounds like you could clean out your canned goods and bring them down to swap. The idea then is that you can trade your 'goods' for other peoples and come away with some.... food. Honestly, I'm not totally interested in this as I don't imagine there'd be much to get excited about. As I said before, I try not to eat a lot of sugar so if other people show up with baked offerings, as well, I'm just trading mine for theirs. Or perhaps I'll have the option of a can of beans or something. Ultimately, it's not sounding that exciting.
At the same time I believe that the universe is mysterious and intelligent and provides us strange opportunities for a reason. Is this a chance for me to let people sample my baking and, perhaps, lead me to someone who can give me a job? Would a more direct approach simply be for me to have my own little bake sale? It's a conundrum. What to do?

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