Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uranus will move out of Pisces and into Aries tomorrow, I believe I may have posted something about this when I first began this blog because, coincidentally, it's supposed to have a significant effect on how I express myself. Uranus moved into Aries last spring for a few months, back into Pisces for a few more months and now is about to cross into Aries for good, for a few years, at least. In addition to obvious expression, I realized that this movement has also been very close to the time I first discovered tango through a hybrid class combining tango technique and ballet and now, as I've just begun to take formal (partnered) tango lessons just as this shift is preparing to happen again. As a on and off (these days) life long dancer of many styles I have to say that tango is the first thing that's made me feel really, really life myself in many years and I do hope (considering the significance of the timing) that it becomes an important part of my life. In honor of the shift and as a "toast" to fresh self expression:

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