Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's funny, after working for nearly 14 years in a huge art museum. You get so accustomed to seeing art and seeing people putting it up, even. It doesn't seem unusual to me anymore. So the other day when I was driving down the street and saw some guys pasting up a huge black and white image of a face to cover the entire front side of a building, I just thought. Huh, there's some guys pasting up a big photo. I did wish I'd bought my camera at the time, in fact I believe that's one of the things that finally convinced me to go home and push the button, but I knew how lousy it would look on my cell phone camera and I just couldn't bear the dissatisfaction.
So imagine my surprise when I read that the artist who installed this poster is a French street artist by the name of JR who is on the scale of Banksy. Wow. And I saw that. And if I'd had my camera I would have stopped and likely would have met him. Damnit. But oh well, if that's the kind of stuff I'm living amongst it's bound to happen again.
Check out this link here for an article that was written about that day and his project in LA and also his new project that is open to anyone! Oooh, what does that mean? Go see! And then go check out his site. I've seen his work in the favela's of Brazil in photographs in books. I can't believe I didn't meet him! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

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