Sunday, April 24, 2011

I had such a gorgeous day today that now I don't know what to do with myself and think I will go to bed early tonight -would be best as I do have a job interview tomorrow mid-morning. But I also had a chocolate chip brownie that's got me all wound up. I'm like a child that way now that I usually avoid sugar (but love to bake desserts, I know) and am totally off caffeine. Very sensitive, everything sends me reeling. So I thought I'd post a Positive Sunday type doodle, for all that I am happy to have done today and all that I'm looking forward to this week. Here goes.
I finally made it back to my Sunday dance class. It's a contemporary jazz type class and everyone dances barefoot and the crazy rubber floor tears up my feet so I was trying to let them heal a bit (last time I went I really did a number on the bottom of one of my big toes). Anyway, it was awesome to be back. I sometimes forget how important dancing is to me, strange as it may sound that I can forget that. Really, though, it's like breathing -necessary. Got in a nice dog walk after that and then met up with a friend to get all chatty and it was super nice to talk about all that I've been doing and all that I am about to start doing.
So my latest idea is to work out a strict schedule of my activities and get myself to stick to it. For a while I was getting screwed up and forgetting the time and it would be too late to make it to class on the days I really wanted to go so yesterday I wrote it all in on my calendar including something new. I found a center for Buddhism nearby in Eagle Rock that offers free meditation sessions twice a week and I fully intend to incorporate these and fortunately neither session coincides with any of my dance classes so soon I will have something special that I enjoy every day except Tuesday and Saturday and I'm really excited about it all. Does it sound funny that I'm really excited about the idea of going to sit quietly and think of nothing for two to three hours? Maybe. But I am. I'll let you know how it goes. 
So here is my happy plan for the week: meditate, jazz, tango, nothing (or more accurately: whatever I want), meditate, jazz, tango, "nothing". Sounds beautiful, doesn't it? Very balanced. 

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