Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day two of garden work, got some of the big root balls from the weeds dug out and that is all. Bigger garden news (to me, at least) is that after Amy suggested we look for an old bookcase rather than buying the wood to build raised beds I went to St. Vincent's today, where I am convinced that if if I have wished to find something they magically have it, and bought at half off the original price a huge, solid wood, already backless entertainment center that will be perfect. I am now wishing for help getting it home...
Another revelation, while watering the trees this evening, is the identity of the small mystery tree that has been in my yard forever but has never more than about five leaves on it. It's a plumeria!

This is very exciting as they're one of my favorite tropicals. While watering it this evening I noticed that there are tiny leaves beginning at the ends of all the many branches and finally that feeling of knowing it seemed so familiar cracked and I finally realized what it is. Anyway, it seems healthier today than every before with all of its many branches leafing and I intend to care for it diligently and hope to see it bloom this spring. 

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