Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Garden - Slowly But Surely

Voila! My first garden bed frame is finished! And boy are my hands sore. It was quite a process beginning with digging out the bed and collecting enough shards of glass to reconstruct a six pack, enough shards of tableware to reconstruct a place setting and finding a cinder block buried just at the level I wanted to pound in the stakes. I then tried to dig out the cinder block and found that one corner is somehow attached to something even deeper, and the reburied the cinder block. I also found a small pretty shaped bottle (one of the only intact things I've unearthed -so far) which is soaking and I will post a photo later when it's all cleaned up along with guesses as to what it's original purpose was. I still have another to go and am wondering if I feel up to getting it done today or if I'll wait until I'm fresh again tomorrow -I think today. It would be nice to move forward with the whole thing. There's still the whole process of hauling in bags and bags of sand, soil, mulch, manure -what have you. And I have a fence that needs installing as well. 
Aside that I have a tray of seeds sprouting in the kitchen which will be ready to plant soon and have started reading up on what all the different plants need in their soil. Geez, it's complicated! Here's hoping for success.


(Later the same day....)

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