Friday, April 22, 2011

Evidence of Life

I am not by nature the tidiest person and, as many people can relate to I'm sure, when I'm working full time or busy or have projects I'm working on I tend to neglect my housekeeping. It didn't always bother me but for a while I was very self conscious about letting people come over when I hadn't had a chance to clean and tidy to the extent I'd have liked. Add to that an old friend who would compulsively offer her opinion on the state of other friends homes and whether or not they should be ashamed of their lack of housekeeping skills. Yikes! I had to wonder what she was saying to them about mine.
As the years passed I learned better how to keep my house from crossing the line from comfortably lived into utter chaos and I learned to accept that it may not always be just as I like it when someone comes over.
These days as I'm checking in on pets while people are at work one of the things I'm enjoying about the job is experiencing what other peoples homes look like from day to day during their work week when they might not have enough time to keep it in whatever they consider ideal condition. It seems the messier it is the more endearing I find it. It is a beautiful thing to be so un-self conscious, sometimes the character of a home is less in the decor and more in the untidiness. If it weren't totally wrong I'd love to photographs bits of the houses I visit but as that seems like a betrayal of the trust they've instilled in me, I'm happy just to be comforted by my own reaction as it means there is hope that when my date picks me up and I haven't had time to tidy up it actually makes my home seem perhaps more inviting than if it were picture perfect.

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