Thursday, July 11, 2013

My favorite recent story of magic is this one:
If you read the previous few posts you already know that I practice meditation and am really into maintaining my health as naturally as possible.
After reading an article about vitamin D I decided that this summer I would try a little experiment -sunbathing every day on my back porch for 15 minutes. Business has fluctuated between very slow and picking up, week to week, since I started out on my own. I wanted to spend all of my time being as productive as possible and I also wanted to always be focusing on how to improve business. And as I also know that the state I'm in is as important as anything else, there are times when it all is one. 
So one day as I went out for my quick sunbath I decided that I was going to try to meditate without listening to any recorded messages or sounds. 
I lay down on the porch and tried to clear my head. I acknowledged the wind that I could feel and hear, I acknowledged all the sounds around me and the feeling of being outdoors which is so different than the feeling of being indoors. I acknowledged the feeling of the sun and the brightness on the other side of my closed eyelids. I thought to myself, "Dear universe that is within me and all around me, please send me what I need." At the time I was really wanting to have some new appointments booked and so what I hoped would happen is that I would get some new messages from my online booking system or a phone call or an email from a new client or two but I wasn't really trying to be specific. The phrase just felt appropriate in that moment.
After the timer went off (to keep from staying out too long and getting a serious burn) I went inside and just as I walked through the door my phone rang. I didn't think all that much of it but when I answered it was, in fact, a brand new client. Brilliant! I thought. We talked for a couple minutes, working out the details of her appointment, and when she mentioned that she also worked for herself I asked her what she did. She told me she was a spiritual healer and my initial "Brilliant!" kaleidescoped internally.
I'm sharing this, in part, for the obvious story of having manifested something amazing in a mere 15 minute sunbath, but also because it brings me to this really fantastic message: we often think we know exactly what we need. We ask for it over and over, we're always focused on it and when it doesn't seem to be coming to us we get reeeeally frustrated and disappointed. The truth is, you always get what you need. You may not know it or recognize it but it always comes. Give the universe a break and stop asking for specific things at specific times, if you really want to see it work just ask for it to send you what you need.
When I met this woman to do her hair it was the most lovely visit I've had with any person in many years -and I have some really fantastic clients. I felt almost as if I were taking advantage because just being in her presence is very healing and I have never met anyone before who seemed to see me and intuit me so accurately. I have my first appointment with her next week and I'm beyond excited. I have no idea what we'll end up talking about or what she might tell me or help me work out but I know it's going to be really amazing. 

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