Saturday, July 20, 2013

I am just now hearing that the coming full moon this Monday is another super moon -meaning that it's very close to the earth. It's also in Aquarius, my sun sign, so it's extra special for me.
Following the healing session I had earlier this week with Mojan she made a special bath for me, or rather she made me special bath salts to be used in a bath, and instructed me to start with the first bath (of three) on the full moon coming up.
It was just minutes ago that I went searching for something and found that this full moon will be super and at the same time learned that it's the first of two consecutive full moons in Aquarius, making the second one a blue moon and making both extra special. I'm kind of beside myself except I'm not sure why.
I'm very much feeling Mercury direct today and Mars joining Jupiter (and the grand water trine) in my 5th house. It's all making me want to GO now! now! now! And to know the unknowable rather than waiting to find it out as it happens -which is the only way. I have to remind myself how I love surprises! Am tempted to get lost in the internet searching for something to tell me what it all means, what it will bring but you cannot tell much from the research alone, it has to be synchronized with your souls experience in the actual moment to be accurately interpreted. There is no knowing the unknowable. I'm going to have to meditate a lot...

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