Thursday, July 18, 2013

Now that it's been nearly a year since I've received any kind of predictably timed paycheck I have to say that making money every day makes me feel very free whereas I used to kind of feel like I got a prize for making through another two weeks and that prize had to keep me alive so that I could scramble my way to the next one.
Since leaving my old job one of the things I've struggled most with is not knowing where money would come from. I haven't had any hourly paid jobs in all that time. I've come to find that even when I try to convince myself that about $200 per week will really help and I should give up both my days off and take a day off of the salon schedule so that I can go work for $9 per hour somewhere I ultimately realize that I can't accept that. I feel that my time is far too valuable (and it makes me sooo sad that anyone should be expected to make so little, every person in the country is more valuable than that no matter what) and in addition to that, any stress or exhaustion I have to deal with will take away my energy from the salon and ruin my baby business and really set me back. Even the days that feel a little wasted because they were slow are worth it, those are my surprise rest and clean house days and I'm learning to enjoy those too and not stress.
The key to everything is simply happiness and optimistic blind faith. It's truly beautiful.
This has been my lesson with Saturn transiting my 8th house, moving into Scorpio and being a third of the grand water trine that is happening this week. I've been learning it for quite some time now and it's been incredibly amazing. During it's recent retrograde I had a really hard time with it, though the easiest hard time ever. I left all of my material external world problems in the material external world as much as possible and it was easier this time. It's amazing how events in life line up to teach us lessons. This one was stunningly beautiful.
The other houses I'm dealing with in this grand water trine, by the way, are the 1st and the 5th -so you can see the whole picture: Saturn in the 8th transiting Scorpio, Neptune in the 1st transiting Pisces, and Jupiter in the 5th transiting Cancer. It's lovely. Everything is magical, everything is spiritual, everything I ask for is placed gently in the palm of my hand. And it's taken an INCREDIBLE amount of work to get here but it was worth it.

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