Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thrifting is quickly becoming an easy pick me up these days and yesterday (in stark contrast to Friday) was pretty icky feeling so I took myself to one of my favorite places: St. Vincent's. Strange how not so long ago I had no patience for pawing through racks and racks of clothing just to maybe find one piece that I inevitably wouldn't be able to wear to work. These days with my wear anything anywhere lifestyle I get excited to find that one thing that brightens my day. This time it was this green polka dot skirt (actually it's one of those ruched top, tube top things but I think this one is perfect as a skirt). As I've been wearing my tiger T non-stop I needed an alternate outfit and this skirt with my old worn-to-near-transparency dragon T is the perfect switch up. The price of this lovely mood lifter? $3.

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