Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I seem to be on a roll in terms of thrift store findings. Today while I was out running errands I happened to be right next door to an Out of the Closet and decided to stop in. Totally not in the mood for shopping or spending much money and with nothing in mind to look for. But isn't that how it always goes? And then you come across.... an amazing tea pot with built in infuser basket for $3!!!!!

As I don't currently have any loose tea I'm trying it out with teabags, but this will come in handy when my chamomile (first little buds showing!) grows in.
Actually, that was not my first find. My first find was a pretty little glass. It was 75 cents and is the kind of thing I think of as a thrifting souvenir. When I'm not really shopping and I find some pretty and inexpensive thing that will make me feel like I came away with something special. Something that contributes to my home or wardrobe, once piece at a time. The best little bits seem to come that way.

And finally, I came across these very unusual... plates? bowls? They're very shallow, about an inch or inch and a half deep, with very rounded sides (soup plates?) and two are just a tiny but smaller than the other two which makes them fit inside just perfectly. They're the palest shade of blue (not sure it comes through against the pink table) and so simple and beautiful and unusual, I love them!

They're on the small side but if I ever have someone over for dinner I think I may use them for salad and soup. In fact, I'm so in love with them I think I may have to look for other things that would be good to serve in a small dish. 
I also came across a stack of lotus shaped bowls -some very tiny, some a bit larger. The only thing I could think to use them for was to feed them cat from (the larger ones) and so I left them. If I ever come across some that are dessert bowl size I'll have to snatch them up but they were today's exercise in will power and practicality. All in all I'm quite happy with my thrift store luck lately.

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