Monday, July 11, 2011

Positive Sunday

I had forgotten all about Positive Friday as Friday is now 'my Thursday' and Sunday is now my first day off. Anyway, I'm bringing it back today. Here's all the awesomeness that is my Sunday.
Had a dream that I found money I didn't know I had and as I counted through the bills there were more and more. FYI: in dreams money is actually symbolic of love. I think the last time I dreamt of money it was frozen in a block of ice in a safe. This one was much better.
The humidity has finally subsided and today is a beautiful clear, sunny, breezy 76. Perfect! I walked down to one of my local thrift stores and found a bunch of really cute stuff that fit, including a hat I became [even more] obsessed with having yesterday and had been searching all over the internet for. All at super cheap thrift store prices. The only thing they didn't have for me was a pair of flat (meaning: good for walking) sandals, which is kind of what I was specifically looking for. But I did find yet another pair of burgundy low wedge vintage sandals. This is a thing with me, I have found now three pairs of low wedge vintage sandals in shades of burgundy at thrift stores over the years. Always burgundy. These I like because they are a little closer to plum and just cute in general and also have fairly cushy insoles. They were only $10, how could I refuse? The remaining items were a t-shirt with a tiger face graphic covering the front, cap sleeved and gray (a staple color in my wardrobe), a fuschia cheongsam style top that fits me really well (also a favorite style and color) and finally a pair of terry cloth shorts in wide stripes of alternating shades of yellow. Just cute and kind of silly. The hat was new and the most expensive item at $15, the tops and shorts were $6 each. Score!!!
It's been a while since I've had much luck thrift store shopping for clothes I can actually wear. I have a weakness for certain things I find even when they're not my size and often buy them promising myself I'll alter them or have them altered or make them into something else. Most of the time it either doesn't happen or doesn't work and I've learned to put those things back. I also used to have a weakness for things that were not necessarily my style but which I found interesting due to style, color, texture, details and wanted to have them for my own. That is ridiculous, too, and now I know when I'm looking at something and feeling appreciation for the design, etc. but not for how it will feel to wear it. And then for a while I couldn't seem to find anything that was 'me' or I would find something great but think, 'When the hell am I going to wear that? I can't wear it to work!' I'm amazed these days at how much larger my wardrobe seems without even having bought anything in a while. Once I became able to dress freely every day I found I suddenly had unlimited choices. Amazing! And now that I can dress how I like it seems I'm better again at finding clothes at thrift stores. Or maybe it's just a really great Sunday.

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