Sunday, July 17, 2011

The garden continues to grow and is (I believe) even more beautiful that it was just about a week ago when I last posted a photo. The cucumbers seem to be on a mission to take over the world and I swear they ripen over night. I've been eating them daily and gave my neighbor an armful yesterday. I've just tried to redirect them outside the bed so that they don't swallow everything else. There are some plants growing under them that seem to be fine but the closest row of sprouts are still small and I don't know if they'll ever fulfill their potential under the shade of the big cucumber vine leaves but it's pretty to poke around in there, parting and lifting the leaves to see what's going on. The strawberry's send off long stalks and then shoot roots down in new places which is something I didn't know about strawberry plants. And even though I was warned that I might not have any success with lettuce, it might be too delicate for the sun, I have two beautiful heads that I think are nearly ready to pick. The most exciting part is that as soon as I harvest all this I can replant and watch it all happen again.

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