Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow, week three of wild dreams and last nights was the wildest (and happily, the first that I actually kind of enjoyed). In cleaning out my house I came across three chunks of quart crystal that I've had since childhood (yes, I've always been part hippie) and last night I stuck the largest one under my pillow, hoping for a little balance. I think this was the most intense dream night yet.
Starts with a bunch of weirdness: driving a car inside a building, trying to make my way out. Lot's of weirdness, such as coming upon a room (the last to navigate to get outdoors) full of people (who seemed to be friends) sleeping on the floor with lot's of white sheets, not even a path through them to walk. Trying to navigate the car through doorways -good lord!
Driving cars has come up a few times in recent dreams, always with some issue such as the car stalling and refusing to be started again. Each time I feel calm and determined, get out and try to figure the best way to keep going. Much as a smooth driving with no issues dream would be better, dreams do reflect real life and definitely I have felt some challenges to my progress lately and have had a calm and positive attitude and been looking for ways to go on nonetheless.
But the middle part was exceptional. I saw colored images appear on my arms. Sort of like tattoo's but they weren't tattoo's and they would appear and then fade out and then new ones would appear. Sometimes letters, mostly images. I noticed and showed my parents and then we watched as they changed and tried to decipher what it all was. I remember feeling vaguely nervous that these images my body was generating would tell something about me that I felt was private but I let the feeling go and just watched. Wish I could remember all the things I saw on my arms but in the dream none of them struck me as particularly revealing to me in any way. Either way: very interesting.
Last bit seemed to be my birthday and a boyfriend (didn't look like any I've had or any I'd like to have) giving me a gift, standing with his arms around me. I didn't feel that I really liked him or was happy or excited to be with him, just felt kind of flat. The gift he gave me was something that he would have liked, not for me at all, and I recognized this immediately. This was very reminiscent of a real life boyfriend who once gave me a few gifts for Christmas which were things that he really wanted and was excited about but which had nothing to do with any of my own interests or desires. Yes, that really happened.
All this dreaming is an effect of the current astro, I've been told I can enjoy this trend through the end of the year... Not sure how I feel about it but am trying each night to tell myself as I fall asleep, "If I must dream, dream better! Dream of what I want to come true!"

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