Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today was one of those days when none of my clothes feel right on my body. Like everything got a little shorter and a little tighter in all the wrong places. You feel me, ladies? Yeah.
I was riding in the car with my neighbor and the sun was too much in my eyes. I was telling her about the eclipses coming up because she's a Gemini. I explained that it's supposed to be a really great year for her. She said, "I could use a good one!" then she said, "Seems like you could use a good one even more."
Sometimes when people are empathetic it makes me want to cry. All this time I've been feeling like this was such a better year than I've had in I can't even remember how long. I like to try to keep happy. How many options are there? Be happy or don't be happy. But it's true. Nobody's been waiting for a good year as long as I have. And now I want to cry.
Earlier today a girl in my class burst into tears talking about the less than perfect haircut she gave her mom last night. She was devastated that it had gone so poorly (she felt -I saw a photo: it wasn't that bad at all), she felt like she should just give up the whole idea of doing hair as a career. She's the same age as me and the more I've gotten to know about her the more I've felt like she's had the life I always thought I wanted when I was younger: traveled a lot, worked as a dancer for a long time, went to fashion school, had her own shop, married and in love with a gorgeous guy, has a spunky and beautiful little girl.
I don't know what to make of all this.

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