Monday, November 21, 2011

"I wait for the lion."

I can't remember the last time I pulled a page from a magazine and put it up on my bedroom wall but a few months back I did. A black and white Valentino ad, the model wearing her hair in a center part, something gauzy with a lot of details, long sleeved and short skirted and a fluffy fur vest. There's something about the whole look of it that I related to, wish I could've found it online to share. Anyway.
I've been obsessed with finding a fake rabbit jacket for years and years. A few years back I had a white hooded one that was passable for a short while, though never had the full effect. I still wear it sometimes even though it's in sorry shape: dingy, matted and a poor job by my local dry clean and repair replacing the zipper. I've been in the lookout for a new one for a while now without much hope as I've never seen one made of fake fur that looked anything like what I really wanted. I don't even know where I got the idea that there might be one out there somewhere. I've seen girls wearing real fur vintage ones but I just can't bring myself to even touch fur that isn't attached to something living.
Today was my lucky day. I often (it's shameful just how often, in fact) peruse the website of a cheap trendy clothing store. They've got mostly loads of tacky stuff but every so often they make something really great. (Can you guess who I'm talking about?) Recently I found a new white jacket -better than my last but with a horrible placket of brass snaps up the front. I thought about buying it but I couldn't quite bring myself to settle. I've been eyeing it every so often but the more I looked at it the uglier the snaps looked. But today, as I was saying, I went on and there in the new arrivals area was my fake rabbit jacket. It's awesome. Not what I'd envisioned it would be, but nothing ever is. And it's on it's way to me now.
My fake rabbit jacket is like nearly everything in life: you can take the first thing that comes your way or you can wait for what you really want.

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