Monday, October 31, 2011

I've always admired people who have large and diverse wardrobes full of great vintage and designer pieces. I personally can't stand clutter and usually clean out my closet pretty regularly -donating the dull bits and selling the good stuff for a few measly bucks to any of a handful of resale stores. Last month I sold a pair of J Brand jeans to Buffalo Exchange for, I think, $8. That really hurt. Those things were $90 at the secret discount designer denim store. But when I bought them the girl convinced me to buy the smaller of the two sizes I'd tried on. "Won't they shrink a little?" I asked, knowing the answer already. "Not much. Look how great the fit is!" She said. I should have stuck with my instincts. I'm quite thin but at the time I bought them I was thinner than I should ever be again (thank you stress!) and a year later they were ridiculously tight. So tight they made my back hurt, in fact, and I just couldn't wear them anymore.
When I hang onto to things too long (outside of favorites that I can wear for yard work or something) I start to feel like a hoarder. Even beautiful vintage pieces I eventually have to let go of. But these days, what with scraping by as I pay for school, tools and search for a new job to build a new career, the sting of $8 for a pair of jeans that originally retailed for nearly $200 is brutal (unless you're on the other side of it, in which case: yipee!). You can visit my closet clean out, school financing efforts at Booboo Kitten Vintage (when I don't have any idea, I just name things after my pets).

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